Wine Tasting Events





It's not enough just to have a meeting anymore.

Remind your team why they chose the company they work for by putting 'fun' back into the word 'function'. 

"So. . .have you ever gone to that company networking event and just felt like something was missing? Or perhaps you have planned a team building exercise that just flopped - completely missing the ultimate goal?  I have been to many of those events and have vowed to never torture my clients and their guests." - Lamar Engel

Wine Blending Experience

Unique, memorable & fun. Guided by one of our sommeliers. Teams go head to head to create a winning blend to be judged by a panel. Guests can bottle, cork, wax, and label their own wine to take home. 


- Recommended for group sizes 12      to 250 people 

- Offered as seated seminar style or     networking reception

- Team Bonding 

- Memorable custom company takeaway


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Blind Tasting Challenge

Challenging & delightful to the senses. Taste, analyze then cast your vote as to which wine lies behind each masked bottle. Wine knowledge does not always guarantee you a win in this challenge!

- Recommended for group sizes 12 -  500 people

- Offered as a reception style networking experience 

- Team play opportunity available 

- Prizes for Top Tasters

Perfect Bite Challenge 

Discover how flavors such as salt, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami play a role in balancing wine with food. Build the perfect appetizer bite paired perfectly with one wine. 

- Recommended for group sizes 12 -250  people

- Offered as a seated seminar style experience

- Team Bonding 

- Custom Company Prizes for teams

Themed Wine Tasting

Enjoy a NOT BORING Wine Tasting with a theme! This experience offers the guest a chance to taste or enjoy a glass of something familiar or something new.


Themes such as: 

  •  Rose All Day

  •  Santa Barbara

  •  Natural Wines

  •  Is Cab King?

  •  Bubbles

  •  Port & Madeira

  •  Vertical Wine Challenge

  •  Price Point Tasting Challenge

- Recommended for group sizes 12 -  500 people 

- Offered as seated seminar style or     networking reception


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Wine Dinner 

Intimate, friendly and one of our popular packages. Allow us to craft a wine pairing with each course of your meal featuring mouth watering selections of wine to enhance and balance in each bite. We thrive on taking your dinner to the next level. 

- Recommended for group sizes 12 -  250

- Works well with venue food & beverage programs


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Wine Tours  

Authentically local and exploratory. Curated unique winery experiences in wine country featuring hard-to-find, critically-acclaimed,  cult status, and delicious finds. 

Booking Tours in: ​

  •  Santa Barbara

  •  Napa

  •  Sonoma 

  •  Livermore 

  •  Temecula

  •  Amador

  •  Paso Robles

Recommended for:

- Small Groups  2 - 12 people

- Large Groups 13 - 100

- Works with preferred transportation vendors

"We used The Wine Militia for a sales incentive trip this year in Napa Valley - what an amazing job they did in presenting exciting and new activities for our guests to select from while they were in Napa.  Every detail was impeccable from the transportation to and from each activity down to the hand-picked menus by their sommeliers. In addition to the guests activities’ that were arranged, The Wine Militia hosted our team-building activity, Wine Boot Camp (Wine Blending, Blind Tasting, etc).  Each guest had a great time, learned about the art of wine blending from their super friendly team!"

Jen Sanders

Executive Meeting Planner