Private Virtual Wine Tasting - 'BYOB' (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Private Virtual Wine Tasting - 'BYOB' (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Private Virtual Wine Tasting - 'BYOB'  (Bring Your Own Bottle)

So you want your own private wine tasting session with your own customized questions answered? Don't even raise a pinky - We got you. Bring your own bottle to the tasting session and let's open up the dialogue on it!  Any wine topic can be on the table as we chat through the nuances of your bottle. Whether it may be a social happy hour or a deep dive into your favorite bottle - we can bring new value, insight and entertainment to your virtual wine event. 


$25 per person 


Included in each package:

  • Private Zoom Meeting ID & Password (1 per person) 
  • 60 minute Private Wine Session with Sommelier
  • WM Packet: Wine Tasting Grid, Color Chart, Aroma & Flavor Cards
  • Topics Covered: Wine appreciation, Identifying Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Flavors, Wine and Food Pairing practical guide with hands on analogy, Varietal & Vineyard info
  • Next Steps After Ordering

    Once one of our virtual tasting packages are purchased, an email confirmation will be sent to you. A member of our team will reach out for scheduling options and best practices for when we go live together. 

    For scheduling please allow for shipping of the wines (5-7 Business Days) or let our team member know to expedite the arrival of your package. 

    Thank you!