Virtual Wine & Cheese Pairing
  • Virtual Wine & Cheese Pairing

    Virtual Wine & Cheese Pairing 

    Dive into an in depth virtual wine & cheese experience featuring incredibly delicious cheeses paired alongside single vineyard wines hand selected by your sommelier host. Walk through the nuances of each wine while opening up the history of each cheese. Discover your palate in a new and rare opportunity in a hands on, down-to-earth experiment with simple flavors that will unlock your ability to find wines and foods that work best for your own tastes. 


    This deliciously decadent program could not be possible without the friendship and continued partnership with the team at Venissimo Cheese from Del Mar, California. 


    Wine & Cheese Packages*

    3 Wines +  3 Cheeses = $150  (Standard Package)

    • 3 bottles (750ml) 1 White Wine + 2 Red Wines
    • 3 cheeses (1/4 lb each cheese)


    4 Wines + 4 Cheeses = $170

    • 4 bottles (750ml)   2 White Wines + 2 Red Wines
    • 4 cheeses  (1/4 lb each cheese)


    3 Wines + 3 Cheeses + Charcuterie = $185

    • 3 bottles (750ml)   1 White Wine + 2 Red Wines
    • 3 cheeses  (1/4 lb each cheese)
    • 3 meats (1/8 lb each meat)
    • Marcona Almonds
    • Honey


    4 Wines + 4 Cheeses + Charcuterie = $200

    • 4 bottles (750ml)   2 White Wines + 2 Red Wines
    • 4 cheeses  (1/4 lb each cheese)
    • 3 meats (1/8 lb each meat)
    • Marcona Almonds
    • Honey


    * Each Kit easily serves 2 individuals 


    Included in each package:

    • 60 minute Private Virtual Session Meeting (Zoom or Google Meet)
    • Virtual Wine Kit: Wine Tasting Mat, Wine Tasting Grid, Color Chart, Aroma & Flavor Cards, Wine & Food Pairing Guide 
    • Virtual Cheese Kit: Cheese & Wine Guide, Facts & History cards on each cheese
    • Wine Kit & Cheese Kit containing all the wines and cheeses you need for the session
    • Topics Covered: Wine appreciation, Identifying Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Flavors, Wine and Food Pairing practical guide with hands on analogy, Wine & Cheese tasting 


    Large Party?

    Email for more info on how to book your group. 


    NOTE: This offering requires a minimum of a 2 week lead time from the time of booking. 


    Too Much Wine?

    NEVER! Seriously though - Ask about our alternative sized bottles. We got you! 

    • Next Steps After Ordering

      Once one of our virtual tasting packages are purchased, an email confirmation will be sent to you. A member of our team will reach out for scheduling options and best practices for when we go live together. 

      For scheduling please allow for us to begin prepping and shipping of the wines (7-10 Business Days from order date) or let our team member know to expedite the arrival of your package. 

      We are at the mercy of the shipping logsitics companies so if for some reason there is an anomalie on their end; we are unfortuantely at their mercy. Thank you for your grace and understanding with this matter. We are willing to explore solutions to ensure quicker delivery of your kits and will reach out immediately should there be potential oddity.

      Thank you! 

    • Customization of Kits

      We definitely love customizing our kits for you and offer a few ways to enhance the personality of your kits should you desire.


      Wine Enhancements: Whether it may be a specific style of wine type (all reds, all whites, etc), or bottle sizes, we are able to make these requests happen for the most part. A small fee may apply if wine a specific wine request is needed beyond trading out all white for reds, etc. Just ask our team member at the time of booking for availability.


      Custom Logoing: What better way to incorporate a logo of your company, conference or family crest than to include this into your virtual kits. Custom logoing is complimentary to include on the collateral within each kit as well as the digital displayed challenge pages. If you would like to include sticker representation within the kit or for the outside of the kit when shipping, a small fee may apply. Just ask our team member at the time of booking for availability.

    Virtual Tasting Package Options