Wine Is Not Boring Boot Camp: Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Wine Is Not Boring Boot Camp: Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Wine Is Not Boring Boot Camp: Virtual Wine Tasting Class

There will be no yawning, no eyes glazing over, and definitely no brow beating in this virtual experience offering. Our wine company was founded on creating a safe, fun, and approachable platform for wine drinkers of all walks of life to enjoy. Now this doesn't mean we won't geek out with you - if you have burning questions about wine or want to talk shop; we are more than excited to do so! Each class walks through how to find your palate and discover a wine tasting methodology that works for you.


Wine Options

Package A: $70 = (Standard Package) 2 bottles (750ml) 1 White Wine + 1 Red Wine


Package B: $130 = 3 bottles (750ml) 1 White Wine + 2 Red Wines


Package C:  $160 = 4 bottles (750ml) 1 White Wine + 1 Rosé + 2 Red Wines


Package D: $230 = 6 bottles (750ml) 2 White Wines + 1 Rosé + 3 Red Wines


Included in each package:

  • Private Zoom Meeting ID
  • 60 minute Private Wine Session with Sommelier
  • WM Packet: Wine Tasting Grid, Color Chart, Aroma & Flavor Cards
  • Wine
  • Topics Covered: Wine appreciation, Identifying Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Flavors, Wine and Food Pairing practical guide with hands on analogy, Varietal & Vineyard info
  • Next Steps After Ordering

    Once one of our virtual tasting packages are purchased, an email confirmation will be sent to you. A member of our team will reach out for scheduling options and best practices for when we go live together. 

    For scheduling please allow for shipping of the wines (5-7 Business Days) or let our team member know to expedite the arrival of your package. 

    Thank you! 

  • Background Story

    Wine Is Not Boring Boot Camp- Virtual Tasting Class

    I will never forget the feeling I felt when I sat in my first wine tasting class and the instructor literally said in his stuffy voice 'now I know this wine stuff may be a bit boring' to which I thought to myself that it was in fact HE that was boring and vowed to never torture the thirsty like this ever.

Virtual Tasting Package Options