• Virtual Blind Tasting Challenge

    Virtual Blind Tasting Challenge

    Are you ready to have a little fun and get your blind tasting on? Even if you are not sure what a blind tasting is or maybe you consider yourself a wine warrior; we have put together a fun package for you to connect with your social circle and slay some blind wine beasts. 

    Choose your Blind Tasting Challenge Package


    Wine Options 

    The Orthus: $75 = (Standard Package) 2 bottles (750ml)  1 White Wine + 1 Red Wine*


    The Chimera: $135 = 3 bottles (750ml) 1 White Wine + 2 Red Wines 


    The Hydra: $165 = 4 bottles (750ml) 2 White Wines + 2 Red Wines 


    The Kraken: $235 = 6 bottles (750ml) 3 White Wines + 3 Red Wines


    Included in each package: 

    • Private Zoom Meeting ID 
    • 60 minute Private Wine Session with Sommelier 
    • WM Packet: Wine Tasting Grid, Color Chart, Aroma & Flavor Cards
    • Wine
    • Blind Game (Ballots, blind bottle bags, instructions)
    • Next Steps After Ordering

      Once you purchase any of our virtual tasting packages, an email confirmation will be sent to you. A member of our team will also reach out (Via email) for scheduling options along with a small survey.

      For scheduling please allow for shipping of the wines (5-7 Business Days) or let our team member know to expedite the arrival of your package. 

      Thank you! 

    • Background Story

      Virtual Blind Tasting Challenge

      Growing up in a family where my father and mother studied and taught historic biblical literature, religion and greek lore was a common everyday conversation, it is not hard to imagine that difficult challenges and obstacles life may throw in the way would be refered to as mythological beasts. This became reality when I went up head to head with the massive world of wine in what seemed like an impossible giant to tackle became the very success story that keeps our whole company humble and it all started with a blind tasting.

    Blind Tasting Package Options