"the industry"

Our team of sommeliers and wine professionals will assist your winery, tasting room, wine bar, or restaurant to establish consistent measurable results.


With a combined 40+ years in the industry from Michelin Star rated restaurants to benchmark wineries; our team has the tools to slingshot your business into the next level of success.  

" Hospitality and Service are where my heart lies. When I think back to a time in my life when I was truly the happiest, it dawned memories of putting on shows, parties, entertaining guests, building relationships with like minded people. Simply giving back to people. 


Sadly, not everyone in our industry has a generous upbringing in learning how to serve and be humble. This is why I long to help people that want to serve. Someone tried to tell me once 'not everyone should be in hospitality...they don't know how to serve', this statement bothered me to the core. I believe everyone should be able to serve at some capacity. It comes from the gratitude of the life we have all been given. The gift of what we have been given can easily be translated in a smile and handing a glass to a guest. Teaching to serve ...It has to start there." 


Wine Menu Consultation

Building a successful, revenue generating yet enticing wine menu is not as easy as it seems. Truthfully, every restaurant, wine bar, and tasting room must have an exit strategy for stale inventory to make room for new trends and seasonal offerings. Allow us to work with you to fully realize the potential your wine menu has to make the impact your budget deserves. 


Recommended for: 

- New wine list building 

- Auditing/updating current wine lists

- Building business plans and new programs

DTC Sales Training 

Do you know your customer? Are you creating memorable experiences through customer service to garner repeat business? The opportunity to have a guest facing platform such as a tasting room or wine bar is paramount for your brand. What you do with this platform almost always lays heavy in the balance of your employees ability to translate your vision into tangible and measurable results. Let the Wine Militia help guide your staff into a well equipped team culture who can speak & sell exponentially the products that best speak for the brand!


Recommended for: 

- Wine Bars/Lounges

- Restaurants 

- Wineries

- Tasting Rooms 

Hospitality Service Training  

Our owner will be the first to say that service is the most important and valuable component of any business. From the basics of pouring to knowing when a wine is corked, our service training will assist your team(s) to meet the needs of the guests creating a dynamic experience at your business. We will also provide guidance on wine service including bottle opening, presentation and intermediate knowledge.  And yes, we have even been requested to carry out "secret shopper" assignments which are sometimes our favorite!


Recommended for: 

- Hospitality Professionals

- Restaurants 

- Tasting Rooms

- Wine Bars / Lounges

- Future Sommeliers 

- Tasting Groups