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4 Ways to "Wine Up" Your Wedding

You love wine. It should be an important part of your special day, right? As you diligently pin the heck out of "unique wedding ideas" or "wine reception ideas", consider the below ideas for your wedding.

#1) GET THEM BUZZED FROM THE BEGINNING: Make sure your the attendees of your engagement party or bridal shower are entertained and well-hydrated with your favorite refreshment. Mimosa-Blending Games...Champagne Bars...Wine Tasting Brunch...oh, yes yes it is possible.

#2) LEARN HOW TO SABER: Learn how to saber a bottle of champagne to celebrate your big day! You and your bride/groom can learn together. The slicing of the cork off the bottle is something exciting and impressive. We promise it isn't as hard as it looks.

#3) INVITE THE SOMM: A typical cocktail hour is suitable, but what a moment when a sommelier is welcoming guests. Try booking something unique like a wine tasting or wine game to entertain your guests during the reception.

#4) CREATE YOUR OWN WINE BLEND: Instead of a 'signature cocktail'- Offer guests a perfectly blended wine to sip on during your wedding. Our team will help you pick and choose wines for your blend. As a gift, guests can take home a mini bottle of their own.

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