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  • Event planning

  • Design & Decor 

  • Group Gifting

  • Team Building 

  • Entertainment

  • Venue Selection

  • transportation

  • Dynamic Meetings

  • Staffing Services

Fancy Night Event
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Details may not seem important to some but to our team the details are everything. 

Composing a logistics plan is all about asking the right questions during our collaboration process and this starts with one of our 'Research and Discovery' sessions with every client.  From itinerary expectations and end goals to food restrictions and guest flow management, our team works within a creative process that enables the event to run smooth and become successful. 

Allow our team to do the heavy lifting of assessing programs, measuring spaces, managing vendor expectations, and collectively devising the master plan to  create your memorable experience.

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When it comes to designing your event gathering with us; we first want to get to know you in what sparks your interest. What makes your head turn, what makes your heart beat faster, what makes you giddy and ultimately what you perceive success looks like.


We understand that first impressions are forever so incorporating what will get the attention or your guests will be paramount to setting the vibe for the rest of your gathering.

From exotic farm chic and bursts whimsy to royally lush floral style and modern luxury decor; we collaborate with your vision to amplify it. 

Surprise and delight is a philosophy that our team lives and breathes when developing spaces and transitional movements with you - we listen to your desires and remind you of them along the way.


Within those small touches are big intentions for you and your guests.

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Cutting Threads


'Boots to the ground' is a term that really does best describe our teams mentality to get the job done. 

You are good hands with our team that holds 20 plus years of event and corporate group experience from hotels, wineries and restaurants to cruise ships, green rooms and award shows. We specialize in food & beverage, set design, staging, floral, lighting and decor, travel itineraries, transitions, and spacial event room flow.

Our goal is to set a stage and spotlight for your guests to delight in the experience through look, touch and feel. 


"We used The Wine Militia for a sales incentive trip this year in Napa Valley - what an amazing job they did in presenting exciting and new activities for our guests to select from while they were in Napa.  Every detail was impeccable from the transportation to and from each activity down to the hand-picked menus by their sommeliers. In addition to the guests activities’ that were arranged, The Wine Militia hosted our team-building activity, Wine Boot Camp (Wine Blending, Blind Tasting, etc).  Each guest had a great time, learned about the art of wine blending from their super friendly team!"

Jen Sanders

Executive Meeting Planner


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