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the wine mi·li·tia /məˈli-SHə/ noun:  

a trained group of elite wine specialists; raised from the civil population to combat pretentious wine snobbery through the execution of dynamic memorable events.


Our mission is:

- to deliver down-to-earth, charismatic, swanky, and fun experiences 

- to delight our guests through hospitable actions

- to tilt guests wine perception from curiosity to intrigue

to connect our guests with past memories while creating new ones 

Wine for the people, 
by the people!

This whole world has changed the way we experience the important moments in our lives.


We all have looked at new ways to connect with our loved ones, colleagues, clients, partners and groups through experiences whether it may be virtually, in person or both! 

Are you are looking for someone who can be an extension of your story without getting in the way of the main focus?


Are you looking for a warm delivery of hospitality? 


Are you are looking for an experience that matches the personalities of your guests? 

Are you wanting a supporting cast of entertaining characters in your upcoming event story? 


Whether it may be for you personally or for your company's new initiatives roll out -

We are your supporting cast, your back up musicians, the other part of your deliverable. 

Our company was born in 2008 during a time of uncertainty for many.

We all now have navigated through uncertain times and one thing still remains . . . 


We STILL love creating memorable experiences with people. We still love battling pretension within the industry to bring you a better understanding of wine. 

We are STILL flipping the perception of the wine world upside down with our unique and NON-BORING experiences that will start              the revolution. 


You are the reason . . . We are The Wine Militia. 



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