Connect with others in your social circles, family and business associates with a virtual wine tasting experience. 

  • Wine Tasting Classes

  • Private Virtual Tastings

  • Blind Tastings

  • Wine Games

the wine mi·li·tia /məˈli-SHə/ noun:  

a trained group of elite wine specialists; raised from the civil population to combat pretentious wine snobbery through the execution of unique dynamic sensory events.


Our mission is:

- to deliver down-to-earth, charismatic, swanky, and fun experiences 

- to delight our guests through hospitable actions

- to tilt guests wine perception from curiosity to intrigue

to connect our guests with past memories while creating new ones 

Anyone can wear a suit and tie, talk a big wine game, and huff and puff over wine education. However, what happens when this scenario creates all sorts of awkward pretentiousness with guests?

Who said wine experiences had to be snooty and stuffy? Who will speak out on behalf of those that want to know wine but are too afraid to ask questions?


We are flipping the wine world upside down to deliver experiences that will begin a revolution.

We are The Wine Militia. 

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