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Don't be boring, 
Wine up your event



the wine mi·li·tia /məˈli-SHə/ noun:  

a trained group of elite wine specialists; raised from the civil population to combat pretentious wine snobbery through the execution of dynamic memorable events.


Our mission is:

- to deliver down-to-earth, charismatic, swanky, and fun experiences 

- to delight our guests through hospitable actions

- to tilt guests wine perception from curiosity to intrigue

to connect our guests with past memories while creating new ones 

 Revolutionary Experiences
for the people, 
by the people!

Don't keep doing the same thing

Have you been tasked with DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT for your next event?

You and your attendees deserve better, you deserve more creativity when coming up with ideas for events.


Are you looking for an experience that matches the personalities of your guests?

Whether it may be for you personally or for your company's new initiatives roll out.

We are your supporting cast, your backup musicians, and the other part of your deliverable. 

We Got You! 


Let us help guide you into creating a memorable UNBORING experience for all of your people. 


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