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Best Sparkling Wines to Ring in the New Year

by Autumn Keith:

People always ask what champagnes and bubbles we will be pouring during the holidays and especially this New Year's Eve. Without further ado, here is Your guide to razzle-dazzle your guests this New Years with Three curated sparkling wines along with three styles of glassware to boot.

The Pour

Getting ready for the holidays is a stress we all endure. There is presents, family, planning, and so much more crammed together in the span of a couple of months. We often ponder how our families year after year do it so effortlessly. As we take on the torch from our parents, we are soon hit with the question of, "How in the world did they do this?"But alas, we do prevail!

As guests soon pile in for your holiday party there is nothing better than to start them off with a refreshing glass of bubbles. It gives you time to finish off your last touches and let them relax after the holiday commute they just made! It also allows you to show off some of your chops!! What you decide to pour for your sparkling wine shouldn't be stressful but it definitely should be talked about!

Don't be fooled by the capitalistic market shoving the same $7 bottle down your throats year after year. Expand your horizons and you will see there are plenty of sparkling wines that will satisfy anyone's palette. So with that said, let this be your guide to find the wine that will make you shine this holiday season!

The Pick + The Pair

Check out these 3 wine picks from your local wine shops along with 3 charming glasses to boot.

Michel Turgy "Reserve Selection" Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagne

The Pick: Michel Turgy "Reserve Selection" Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagne Priced $50 - $60

This Champagne is made entirely out of chardonnay from the Grand Cru village of Les Mesnil-sur-Oger. It has aromas of fresh-cut quince, lemon curd, and sea salt. This wine has complex minerality and dry chalk tones on the palette. Pouring this into your friends and family glasses will appease anyone whether they are new or well seasoned to the wine world.

Currently in Stock at K&L Wine Merchant

The Pair: Riedel Dom Perignon Champagne Glass Priced $30-$40

A wine with such elegance and history you must showcase it in a glass that will allow you to enjoy its full experience. The small size and curved edges enhances the aromas and showcases the straw-gold color of this traditional champagne. Click Here

Pares Balta Brut "B" Cava

The Pick: Pares Balta Brut "B" Cava

Priced $14-18

Champagne is to France as Cava is to Spain. From the Catalonia region, this cava is made from the traditional three varieties: parellada, macabeo and xarel-lo, all organically grown. This sparkling is clean and dry with a toasty aroma of pear. The finish is lively with a fresh green apple note dominating your palette. Considering trying cava this holiday season, you won't be disappointed!

Currently in Stock at Hi Times Wine Cellars

The Pair: Libbey Coupe Champagne Glass

Priced $30-$40 (for 4 glasses)

Nothing makes you feel more fancier than drinking out of a glass inspired by Marie Antoinette's

'ta-tas'.. or so we have been told. This coupe glass has an intricate stem design giving the vintage 'Gatsby' vibe of your dreams. The depth of this 8 oz. glass allows you to have all the elegance as well as upholding the integrity of the wine! Click Here

Braida Brachetto d'Acqui 2021

The Pick: Braida Brachetto d'Acqui 2021

Priced $18 - $28

From the Piedmont region in Italy, this 100% brachetto sparkling is an elegant dessert wine. Due its balanced sweetness and light effervescence it can be a great kick-starer as well as a nightcap for a gathering. It has notes of red fruit and floral on the nose and soft ripe strawberries on the palette.

Currently In Stock at Eataly Vino Click Here

The Pair: Luxbe Tulip Crystal Champagne Glass

Priced $30-$40 (for 4 glasses)

Since this dessert wine is the least sparkling of them all, you will need to use a glassware that will keep its evanescent fizz alive. The thin and elongated glass keeps the bubbles in tact and the rich red berry aromas vibrant. Click Here

Our Final Toast to 2022

As the New Year ushers in, remember this is your world and everyone else is just living in it. No matter what you decide to drink for the holidays, do make sure it is curated by your taste and preferences. Learning is the most powerful reminder that we have made it through another tumultuous year and you might as well reflect over sparkling wine in elegant glassware. It is truly the little things in life.

We . . . The Wine Militia want to wish everyone a happy, loving and safe holiday season. May this New Year bring vibrancy and excitement to your life as a glass of bubbles does.


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