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Pairing Wines with TV Shows

Written by By Kelly Husserl:

To start, I need to preface the following by saying I am not an avid TV watcher, however, I am an avid wine drinker and these are the wines I would pair with the handful of shows I have watched. To me, wine is an experience. I may fall in love with a wine and remember it based on where I am, who I am with, and every little detail in between. Just like a perfect food pairing, I think pairing your wine with the right show curates what I think of as - the ultimate vibe.

So without further ado, I present to you my TV and wine pairings:

1. New Girl + Dreamcote Carbonic Carignan, Santa Barbara County

New Girl gets me. I have watched this show through at least five times. Some people have informed me that this is a psychotic act, but I just smile and say to each their own. The main character of New Girl is Jessica Day. A bright, bubbly, hilarious schoolteacher who is both awkward and endearing. The only pairing I can find fit for this carefree comedy is the Carbonic Carignan by Dreamcote. This wine is light, so bright, and fruit driven- it is basically Jessica Day in a bottle. Put these two together and the vibe = immaculate.

2. Hawaii Five-O (the OG one of course) + Aequorea Seafarer Pinot Noir, San Luis Obispo County

If you ain’t watching the original Hawaii Five-O then I don’t want to talk. Just kidding. You can stay. I was a weird kid and I preferred watching Hawaii Five-O over Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Taking place in Hawaii, there is only one wine I can sip to this, the 2021 Aequorea Seafarer by Aaron Wines. Aaron (the winemaker) began this label as an ode to the sea. Every vineyard he sources from for this Pinot label has to be six miles or less from the ocean. This coastal-inspired Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with Hawaii Five-O. As soon as this cork pops I can instantly hear the theme song start playing. Get yourself a glass of this, prop those feet up, and watch McGarrett and Danny Williams fight crime by the sea.

3. Yellowstone + Lone Madrone The Dodd, Paso Robles

Ah Yellowstone. You either love it or hate it. Well, I freaking love it. I am a sucker for anything nitty gritty and cowboy. Yellowstone is basically about the Dutton family trying to protect the land that has belonged to their families for generations and generations. It is a constant war against big corporations and city folk. The show is complex with so many characters to follow, each with their own storyline, not just any wine that could keep up with this plot. The only wine I can enjoy with Yellowstone is The Dodd from Lone Madrone. The Dodd is a blend usually consisting of Tannat, Petit Verdot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Tannat is always the leading varietal, one that reminds me much of the Dutton family. Tannat is a hardy, strong grape known for its thick skin, much like the Duttons.

The Dodd gets its name from the Dodd family, aka the farmers of the Klau Mine Vineyards where the fruit is sourced. The Dodd family has over three generations of farming under their belt and are a completely family-run farm…hmmm? Sounds similar to the Duttons? Maybe the Dodds need their own show too.

About Kelly Husserl:

Kelly Husserl is a mogul of talent on the team of The Wine Militia & Militia Consulting

bringing high quality offerings in photography and social media content to many of the clients within the Militia Family. Kelly also happens to own her own photography company and has been killing it one aperture at a time.

Kelly is no stranger to wine and if you are lucky, may just witness her slinging wine in Paso Robles for family winery Torrin Wines.

We are lucky to have this witty and charming wine lover in the Militia - enjoy her musings with us!


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